Sin Vosotros Esto Sería Imposible


lunes, 29 de septiembre de 2014

Why are you crying?

Little girl, why are you crying?
There are a lot of people wanting to see you
Laughing, smiling, jumping...

You only waste your time, days, months, years.
Erasing dreams, from your cold, pale face,
Arguing, screaming, lying.
Trapping yourself in a big lost maze.

Where did you lost your smile,
Tiny, shy, shining girl?
Just let me find it for you in the deep forest,
Even in the deepest swirl, instead of being souless.

I,ll walk two thousand meters, reach all stars, fevers...
Just to see that smile again.

I,ll pick up your pale hand.
Look into your eyes, and stand to finally say,
That I promise, I,ll stay,
One hundred years, thousand, whatever
I swear that your happiness will last

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